“Although my father and mother have forsaken me, the Lord with take me up”. –  Psalm 27:10

but Jesus said

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the
kingdom of heaven.”


Cultural Day Celebration

Honduras Cultural Day Celebration

It was nice to get together to remember the Honduran culture and indigenous people groups. Each grade level chose two representatives to participate on Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th.


There was a panel of judges who were charged with choosing the winners, the students were very creative and with great confidence wore each outfit out on the runway.


The first round, each grade was given an indigenous group to represent. All our children and young people looked precious remembering the legacy left to us by our Honduran Hero General Lempira. The jury had a very difficult job having to choose only one couple that represented our beautiful Indian and our brave Indian.


The second round represented a sport or pastime that the world enjoys to play, including: soccer, tennis, taekwondo, ping pong, basketball, and baseball.


The third round was the most anticipated, where the grades were able to show off their gala looks. All those present were dazzled by the participants’ outfits, the most difficult job was for the jury who in the end had to choose CHICA INDEPENDENCIA and EL CHICO INDEPENDENCIA at the elementary level and MISS IHER and MISTER IHER at the secondary level,


While the participants were preparing between each round on the runway, the students of the different grade levels entertained the public with their dances, presenting typical food, and teaching about the different Indian groups.


It was a memorable two days of activities and everyone was able to enjoy and learn about Honduras and its culture.

June 2024